Bayes Factor for Paired or One Sample t-Tests with Equivalence Regions

Sample Size:

t-Value :

Equivalence Region on Effect Size: From To

Hybrid Mixture Probability π0 : (0 for no point mass)

Scale on effect size :

Summary: This calculator computes Bayes factor for paired or one-sample t-test designs where the null hypothesis may be a point, a region, or a mixture of the two.

Priors: The prior on the null and alternative are the "hybrid model setup" of Morey and Rouder, submitted

Citation/Details Morey and Rouder (submitted)

i. Prior effect-size distributions are Cauchy distributed
ii. Computations done with Gaussian quadrature for σ2 and with Laplace's approximation for δ.
iii. Input Inf and -Inf for equivalence regions that extend to ∞ and -∞, respectively.


Support: NSF SES-0720229.

Last Update 6/10.