The Lab
Welcome to the Perception and Cognition Lab, part of the Department of Psychological Sciences at The University of Missouri. In brief, we have two major lines of study: The first is substantive: we study how people process and combine new perceptual information with pre-existing knowledge such that they can reach these quick, effortless decisions about the world around them. This research is in the areas of memory, attention, perception, categorization, and letter recognition. The second is methodological: we develop nonlinear hierarchical models for improved estimation and inference, and ultimately better theory development, across a number of domains. Research in the Perception and Cognition Lab is supported by grants from The National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation, and The University of Missouri.

News: Release of Bayes Factor Package
We have recently released the BayesFactor package for R. This package computes Bayes factors for t-tests (see Rouder et al., 2009, Morey and Rouder, 2011), regression (see, Rouder and Morey, 2013) and ANOVA (see Rouder et al., 2012). The package has manual pages, and we will be including vignettes for easy use shortly.